Saturday, June 20, 2009

Down to 2

The house I made an offer on is rapidly closing on a decision -- the choice is between my offer and a cash offer, with mine being higher by "less than $200".

Just to cover my bases I went back out today to look at some more homes if they take the cash and saw a few possibilities; additionally I also stopped back by the home and double checked things which left me with good news! The new buyer of my previous home asked for appliances and I said they could take the washer/dryer but not the fridge. The fridge was a really nice luxury model I got with a combination sales-tax-free-weekend, discontinued/on-sale discount, then a display model/dings discount -- giving that up didn't make any sense. The washer is an el cheapo I bought in '05, the dryer is a hand-me-down from the mid-90s. Well, the house I made an offer on had their washer and dryer abandoned in the foreclosure so I won't even have to buy those from the looks!

Working two jobs is very stressful, I get home from the first and I'm tired and just want to sleep; and putting in the 20 hours/week I promised the second is being a challenge. I'm going to be spending the rest of my Saturday and all day Sunday playing catch up, but I hope to get into a better system where I'm at least spending 2 hours a night on weeknights, which would bring my weekend load to 10 hours or less.

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PK said...

pksublime on NWIQ
huh, it's so strange to even think about negotiating the appliances. in MN it's just assumed they go with the property.