Sunday, August 8, 2010

A year already?

It's amazing the way life can just overwhelm you. I can't believe it's been a year since my last post.
Last September I was finally able to locate and purchase a home. $110k for a cute little house outside of the grid housing developments. I quite like it, but it has come with its own series of issues. From a contractor who disappeared before finishing the job to the significant other moving back to the other side of the country it's been quite a ride.

The good news is that the job I have here is absolutely, unquestioningly, the best 'fit' I've ever had for employment. My one year review was quite positive and I got a solid raise. The flipside is that I am coming to really detest Vegas. I miss rain something fierce.

Financially this has been quite a trial. The house was at the upper end of my budget, and I've had other expenses pop up out of no where. Additionally I've become quite lazy budget wise, and the 'little things' that always eat me alive have been just out of control. Dining out, in particular, is just consuming my budget. Combine that with the market's gyrations and the fact I've now saved enough that the market can trivially overwhelm my contributions and I just haven't been happy with the slope of my networth.

It is time to refocus though. Get things back in line and start working on getting things back where they should be.