Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back on the Market, and On The Market

My house had 'sold' and everything was going well until -- on the very last day of my buyer's option period -- the buyer backed out. The reason, according to my realtor and the buyer's is that the buyer decided to "just wait for me to get foreclosed on". If you know anything about my finances, that's a pretty laughable scenario. So the home is back on the market.
On the up side, the house still has plenty of interest in it -- my realtor had a whole page of call back requests if that deal fell through, and I've gotten a number of showing requests in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile I am house hunting in Nevada. The market for safe, inexpensive 'blue collar' type homes here is crowded thanks to the housing bubble, but investors are buying these cheaper properties up by the dozen. Homes are often sold after less than a day on the market; and I'm having trouble finding a solid home because of it. There is also the sub issue of wanting to get into the home in the first week of July since that is when the movers will be arriving. This was originally scheduled because of the June 30th closing date on my home, but perhaps I can call them and delay while my house is on the market again which would give me more time.

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