Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Job(s)

It has been quite the hiatus. I'll avoid whining, but the background is that I left a job I absolutely detested. Thus, the last few months have been busy and stressful - either from the job or from performing a job hunt during a recession.

The flipside/upshot is that now I have a new job; and I'm moving to Nevada!

Luckily this won't change some of my favorite things - like Texas, Nevada has no state income tax and is fairly cheap to live in. Unfortunately it means I'll have to deal with my home here in Texas (expect a forthcoming post), pack up, move, etc. Cleaning and packing will be quite the chore.

Luckily, the job hunt went well and I had a sizable emergency fund that made riding it out pretty easy. In the end, I actually may have two jobs; one that I spoke with was a 100% telecommuting job and after accepting the more traditional asked if they might consider part time (20 hrs a week) and they said they'd make a new offer for that on Monday. That will put me working 60-80 hrs a week, but it might also help me improve my work ethic (I have a serious case of work ADHD, when I'm doing well it's awesome but other times every conversation in the building or web comic is a distraction that will suck up most of my day).

I'm making a new goal in my planner of at least 1 post a week, preferably one every day or two.

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