Sunday, June 8, 2008


Welcome to Stolid Finance!

I decided to start this site since I have been enjoying several other personal finance blogs but often find that I have a lot to say and don't want to crowd comment fields with a lot of my personal thoughts.
You can call me Stolid; it's a name I picked for referring to my finance back when I originally joined the website NetworthIQ (view my profile here). Stolid means impassive or not being easily aroused or excited; and this is a perspective I feel has been one of the most vital elements of my financial journey. So many times I hear of people being "afraid" when the market is down or "excited" when it goes up, and it almost always leads to silly decisions. I love my emotions but I don't let them dictate what I do, especially with regards to money.
There's a lot I'd like to talk about; sharing how I got where I am, which financial personalities I like and dislike, common misconceptions or patterns in finance that I think get people of all stripes into trouble. I've also got a lot of questions that I'm hoping to build up a good readership to ask on these topics.

I hope you all stick around and enjoy!

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